What is KIDA?

These are Card Puzzles to be played by a single player

Meaning of KIDA

‘KIDA’ as slang I think originated in the city of Mumbai. It variously means: tricky - obsessive - niggling sensation - can’t get it out of the mind - an itch that needs scratching.

Otherwise the real meaning of the word, both in Hindi and Marathi, is ‘insect’. It is pronounced as ‘key-da’ with equal stress on both syllables.

KIDA and Math Phobia

I hate math

I am afraid of mat

My math teacher is so boring

Such commonly heard statements by school students have long been a concern of mine. In most cases the problem with these students is emotional, not cerebral. So the solution to this problem, in my view, lies in dealing with the emotion, not with more math per se.

Thus was born the concept of KIDA – as a means to awaken and develop skills in problem-solving, while having fun.

KIDA and Bridge

My inspiration for KIDA has been the card game, Bridge. In Bridge-speak such puzzles are called Double Dummy. But being able to play Bridge takes time and effort, like learning to speak a new language. Start with MiniBridge if you are in a hurry.

- Amaresh Deshpande


In our workshop you will experience how KIDA improves skills in concentration, logic, imagination, lateral thinking, memory, patience, and visualization – which, in time, will enhance the participant’s problem-solving ability.

Our modules can be customised to suit your need. Contact us for further information.

KIDA Founder

Amaresh Deshpande So long I have taken the road less travelled, and now I’m making a bloody App